Get Nailed-200


Steven and Cindy at Equine Affaire in 2010
with their Mustangs Sage and Aspen.

Welcome to Fox Creek Handcrafts! Home of the Original Get Nailed Ring, Mustang Brand Jewelry, and More!

Inspired by the love of horses, Get Nailed is a line of equine jewelry.

When Steven met Cindy (that's me) he found himself fascinated with her horses. He had always liked them, but never had the opportunity to learn about them and ride!

It was not long before Steven decided he had to have a horse of his own.....he wanted a Mustang. Steven and Cindy travelled to New Jersey and adopted Steven's Mustang, Sage, a gentled BLM Mustang through an organization called USWHBA (

It was at that adoption that Cindy met Aspen.....but we had no room.....But as all good horse people will attest, we tend to make room. After Aspen's initial adoption failed, for no fault of his own, he came home to us on Cape Cod.

Shortly after the arrival of the Mustangs, the Mustang Brand Jewelry was born. It was because Cindy announced that she wanted a tattoo of Aspen's brand. Steven is not a fan of tattoos, and in an effort to dissuade Cindy from getting that tattoo, he created the Mustang Bracelet. Cindy liked it so much, she broke into the world of jewelry design and came up with more designs. Cindy continues to develop new ideas, and your ideas are welcome!

In August of 2013 we relocated to the south west corner of Virginia. Get Nailed is alive and well, and has been reborn as Fox Creek Handcrafts, inspired by our new home and surroundings. Cindy continues to design and is now working alone on the farm.

Welcome to the adventure! Fox Creek Handcrafts has added a new line of horse inspired designs for Home and Barn utilizing everything equine! Be sure to stop by often to see new designs!!

Happy Trails


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